Shawn Ward - Cruiseship

[...] deep rolling bass and wave upon wave of ethereal chords [...]

Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (We Are Glitter Mix)

[...] a brilliantly heavy dose of '70s glam rock [...]


Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (We Are Glitter Mix).mp3

Tepr - En Direct De La Côte

[...] En Direct De La Cote’ leads off with a funky keyboard riff that gets sucked into a razor sharp sax line and then runs off hand in hand with Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter [...]



Tepr - En Direct De La Côte.mp3

Roger - Kids & Thieves

[...] Festively sparkling, shouty like Talking Heads, camp like Pet Shop Boys, and utterly brilliant, Roger manages to mix the warm, slightly damp feel of an ill-lit nightclub with the sense of wide open spaces and fast driving on a starry night. [...]



Roger - Kids & Thieves.mp3

what is tronik sound?

Maybe just another musical blog aimed to show the tastes in electronic music of a young Moroccan living in Casablanca.

Expect a lot of oldies, and mostly a lot of goodies.

You can always preview the tunes by checking out the samples first. Try before you buy, and support your favorite artists.

Mes remerciements vont au Roi Heenok, le messie auto-proclamé du rap français, sans qui ce prétendu blog musical, censé nettoyer vos oreilles des sons à haute teneur fromageuse , serait dépourvu de tout sens humoristique.