Kirk DeGiorgio Presents Esoterik - Starwaves (Spirit Catcher's Time Modulator Mix)

[...] while listening to this track, i personnaly feel like i'm surfing a starwave, dressed like an indian chef dancing around a fire during a religious procession... -lâche le calumet mon grand, says my inner voice.

anyway, Starwaves is one of those average tracks that get a heavy remix treatment by somebody else, morphing them into time-standing musical pieces. and behind this wonderful remix is Spirit Catcher, an alias hosting two creative musicians hailing from Belgium (the country that brought us moules-frites, chocolate, beer and lately political partition) and known for their heavily disco-influenced sound. check it out [...]


Kirk DeGiorgio Presents Esoterik - Starwaves (Spirit Catcher's Time Modulator Mix).mp3

DJ Marky & XRS - Misto Quente VIP

[...] 1. i hope everybody had a nice summer
2. mabrouk ramdane et mabrouk l'3id
3. je vous épargne les phrases du genre " je ne sais pas ce que j'ai mais je suis en manque d'inspiration" ... welcome to the fuckin' obvious
4. misto quente = c'est le "jambon-beurre/BLT/pocadillos/tton ou l7ror/insert-any-national-sandwich-name" des brésiliens
5. Misto Quente VIP = rework du morceau Misto Quente (sans VIP cette fois-ci, f'khater wlad cha3b... mais bouzebbal exclu) paraissant sur l'album In Motion (2004) des deux génies de la DnB made in .br que sont DJ Marky & XRS [...]


DJ Marky & XRS - Misto Quente VIP.mp3